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The Paint-By-Numbers System For Writing The Book Of Your Dreams

Are You Ready to Get Your Book Done and In Front of Your Audience?  Dan Janal Can Help.

The “Write a Book in a Flash” System was created by 13-time published author Dan Janal. He helps business executives and thought leaders, like you, get focused fast so you can write your business-building book without tearing your hair out.

Over the years, Dan has discovered that most people who dream of writing a book, never actually complete the book. In fact, most never even get started.

They have too many ideas, or not enough ideas. Simply put, they aren’t organized.

The secret to completing a book quickly is to follow a proven system and get the support you need.

That’s what we do for you.

Here’s How We Help You Write Your Book In A Flash

Coaching, Writing & Editing

As a successful business executive or thought leader who wants to stand out from the crowd, you need a book to get more clients, open more doors, make more sales and get more credibility. Dan Janal will work with you personally.

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On-Demand Book Training

From creating the book your readers want to read, to developing a better book than you thought possible, then following a paint-by-numbers for writing and editing the book, these videos make it simple for you.

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Do you want to know the secret to writing a non-fiction business book without wasting time or money? This book gives you a SYSTEM that gets you focused fast, so you can write your book without tearing your hair out.

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Reviews From Our Raving Fans

Working with Dan Janal has been like a master class in book writing. He is much more than a writing coach — he is a muse, teacher and friend, who makes the process enjoyable. This has been a great learning experience. I could not make this book happen without his expertise and support.

Alan Cohen
Author, “The Connection Challenge: How Executives Create Power and Possibility in the Age of Distraction”

Dan Janal streamlines the book writing process for people who have great ideas, experiences and stories, but need a true partner to bring all of those ideas into book form (without going crazy along the way). I feel so lucky to have Dan on my side, helping me to fulfill my goal of writing my first book!

Stephanie Blackburn Freeth
Author, “The Nonprofit Strategy Tango: I Lead, You Follow and Together We Create Your Next Strategic Plan”

I literally could not write this book without you. The reason is because although I know the subject backwards and forwards, the fact is life keeps getting in the way. Dan gives generously of his time and his talent. And he’s a whole lot of fun to talk to. He sparked a lot of ideas I wouldn’t have thought of.

Candy Campbell, RN
Author, Improv to Improve Healthcare: A System for Creative Problem-Solving