The "Write Your Book In A Flash" Bonus Toolkit for Authors

Get your book done faster by using these tools to:

  • Create your executive summary (the "back cover copy") by answering five questions and doing some basic market research
  • Craft your "Fool-Proof Positioning Statement" by defining the ideal client who will benefit most from your - and developing your content accordingly
  • Develop a colorful title for your book that will capture buyers' attention and lead to more sales and downloads
  • Get into your "write frame of mind" by overcoming the limiting beliefs that, up until now, have gotten in the way of your creativity and brilliance
  • Build the chapters of your book by identifying your "describers" and stories
  • Foster relationships by defining what you liked about your best bosses and hated about your worst bosses
  • And much, much more!

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Candy Campbell

I literally could not write this book without you. The reason is because although I know the subject backwards and forwards, the fact is life keeps getting in the way. Dan gives generously of his time and his talent. And he’s a whole lot of fun to talk to. He sparked a lot of ideas I wouldn’t have thought of.

Candy Campbell Author, Improv to Improve Healthcare: A System for Creative Problem-Solving

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