When my book coaching clients finish their first drafts of their books, they are justifiably proud.

And I am pleased for them.

They always want to know: what’s next?

I tell them to print the manuscript on 3-hole, punch paper.

Put the paper into a 3-ring binder.

Print a cover sheet with the name of the book and their name in the largest type that fits.

Put the cover sheet into the cover window.

Look and admire it.

Your hard work has paid off!

All those files on the computer are now “real.”

You can see your words and hold them.

Then show the binder to your spouse.

They will finally understand what you’ve been up to all those weeks or months!


Rest on your laurels – for a moment – you’ve earned it.

More Great Things Are About To Come!

In our next installment, I’ll give you a simple process you can use to quickly spruce up your draft and make it even more exciting to your upcoming readers.

If you don’t want to wait that long to take another step, let’s hop on the phone.