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INTRODUCING: The Complete Book Writing Training Series

Consider this the “whole enchilada” if you’re ready to take a bold step and move forward today.

With this complete training series, in just a few short hours’ time, you will have learned everything you need to:

  • Write The Book Your Readers Want To Read – so your hard work is richly rewarded and universally acclaimed

  • Write A Better Book Than You Thought Possible – this is all about how to get the right help you need as you create your branding masterpiece

  • Write Your Book In A Flash – download the chapter outline formula you’ll fill in (the “paint-by-numbers” part) and develop your positioning statement by answering a few questions

  • Edit Your Book In A Flash – save yourself thousands of words (and potentially dollars), and get more value from your editor, by doing these things after you complete your draft

  • Sell More Books With An Amazing Author Amazon Page [PLUS BONUS “Bestselling Book Launch” Guide by Cathy Paper of Rock, Paper, Simple]  – a book IS judged by its cover – and what it says on Amazon – before your readers even purchase it

  • Book Sales & Marketing: Create A Holistic Cash Machine That Gets You More Clients – a properly written book will grow your bank account and attract the business opportunities you want, so you need to have a game plan going in!

Not only will you have your access to all 6 modules so you can go at your own pace, you’ll also be able to book a live call with me to get your questions answered and help decide which direction you want to go in creating your own book – in a flash.

(Video as well as downloadable audio versions of all modules included – learn “on-the-go” while driving or jogging if you choose!)

Just $97 for the entire package.  Includes a 1-year, money-back guarantee.