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  • Write The Book Your Readers Want To Read – so your hard work is richly rewarded and universally acclaimed

  • The 15 Biggest Mistakes Coaches, Consultants, and Speakers Make When Writing Their Books – recognizing these potential pitfalls before you get started will get your book done much, much faster

  • Write A Better Book Than You Thought Possible – this is all about how to get the right help you need as you create your branding masterpiece

  • Write Your Book In A Flash – download the chapter outline formula you’ll fill in (the “paint-by-numbers” part) and develop your positioning statement by answering a few questions

  • Edit Your Book In A Flash – save yourself thousands of words (and potentially dollars), and get more value from your editor, by doing these things after you complete your draft

  • Writer’s Block Busters that Help You Write Your Book in a Flash – not only can you quickly get inspired to create content, but you’ll learn how to find and adapt content you have already created (even though you may have forgotten about it up until now)

  • Sell More Books With An Amazing Amazon Author Page [PLUS BONUS “Bestselling Book Launch” Guide by Cathy Paper of Rock, Paper, Star]  – a book IS judged by its cover – and what it says on Amazon – before your readers even purchase it

  • Book Sales & Marketing: Create A Holistic Cash Machine That Gets You More Clients – a properly written book will grow your bank account and attract the business opportunities you want, so you need to have a game plan going in!

  • Sell More Books with Amazon Advertising – watch over my shoulder as I show you, step-by-step, how to craft and design a sponsored ad on the world’s #3 search engine (after Google and YouTube), including what pitfalls to avoid and how to get the best results

  • How Thought Leaders Can Pitch Their Books and Ideas to the Media – writing your book in a flash is the Golden Key that captures reporters’ attention and gets you more media exposure, using what you will discover in this module

  • CASE STUDY: How This Thought Leader Wrote and Published His Amazon Best-Seller in a Flash – this author got his book written, edited, and published in just two weeks, achieving Amazon Best-Seller status the very next day!

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