Because I’m a marketing guy, as well as an author of more than a dozen books, I bring a unique perspective to writing a book.

Rather than suggesting you do a “brain dump” as other book coaches suggest, I offer a structured system approach to writing your book.

The overall themes are:

  • How can I get my best prospects to buy this book?
  • What do they need to see in the book to convince them to buy it?
  • How can I deliver so much value they absolutely must have it?

To reach those goals, I’ve created this 10-step approach to put all those elements in place in an orderly way that helps you write the book you really want to write.

Here’s an overview of the book-writing process.

Write these down, and see how these steps fit into writing your book in a flash.

  1. Get focused. Write an executive summary, which is a short 400word description of the book. Identify your ideal readers, and describe their main problem. Your book should provide an answer to that problem.
  2. Name it! Create a working title.
  3. Explain it to other people by creating a Fool-Proof Positioning Statement.
  4. Overcome limiting beliefs. We all have them. Let’s tame them.
  5. Create ten chapter topics. These are your big ideas.
  6. Write a comprehensive outline for each chapter. Include lots of descriptions and examples to prove your points.
  7. Research the book.
  8. Write the first draft.
  9. Get feedback.
  10. Revise, edit, and finish.

Write Your Book in a Flash shows you how to take these steps in specific detail.

You’ll pick up great pointers on how to write your book.

The book contains assignments and exercises to help you with each task.

I urge you to do these drills.

If you do, you’ll have created a wonderful outline that you can fill in as easily as a paint-by-numbers kit.

I’m sure you can do it!

And I’m here to help if you need a book coach, developmental editor, or a ghostwriter.