Do you want to sell more books?

Get more leads?

Convert more readers into clients and customers?

The first step is easy:

Don’t say the book is for everyone.

Here’s why:

Very few books are for everyone.

You can’t afford to market the book to everyone.

No one wants to buy a book for everyone.

Think of women’s health or men’s health; those two markets have different concerns.

If you’re an expert on both women’s health and men’s health, write two books, not one.

You’ll reach more women, and more men, than if you tried to do a one-size-fits-all.

That could result in 3 times as many sales as if you had written just one book.

Would you rather sell 200 copies of a book for “everybody” – or sell 300 copies to men and 300 copies to women?

I know what I’d do.

Even if you believe you have this figured out, perhaps we owe each other a conversation to help you write a better book.

When you check out my book coaching, developmental editing, and ghostwriting options, you can book a no-obligation conversation that gives you a leg up.

Take up on this.

Either way, you could end up writing a book that sells a lot more copies.