Continuing my response to questions that I began in our previous post, here are more questions and answers.

Question: What’s the best page length for a good book of interest that will sell?

Great question! I cover that in my book, Write Your Book in a Flash.

Here’s a short answer:

It depends.

“Who Moved My Cheese?” has fewer than 100 pages.

“Good to Great” has about 250 pages.

I think people today like to read short books.

They have limited attention spans.

If they can read it on one airplane ride, that’s probably the right length.

Don’t do more than 250 or so pages.

Question: How do you differentiate your book when there are already so many about the same topic?

Look at the review of competing books on Amazon.

The reviewers will tell you what they think is missing from those books.

That’s what you should focus on.

Question: I have a regular job and family responsibilities; Where do I find the time to write my book?

Make it a priority.

You can write a book if you devote 30 minutes a day, every day, for six months.

If you can’t find 30 minutes by cutting out TV, waking up early, going to sleep later, or taking part of your lunch break to write, then you aren’t serious about writing a book.

Writers write.

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