Editing – especially cutting words – is part of the book writing process.

It is hard to delete words and sections.

However, if deleting 1,000 words would make your book better, that’s what you must do.

Don’t Mourn The Loss Of Those 1,000 Words.

They gave their lives so your book will help other people.

It’s a worthy sacrifice.

Honor those words – and move on.

Sometimes, I’m prouder I cut 1,000 words from the manuscript of Write Your Book in a Flash than I am when I have written 1,000 words.

A good editor could probably trim 2-3 percent of your words without you even realizing it.

They have an eye for removing filler words.

I cut more than 1,000 words – about 2 percent of the words – from this book’s first draft when I searched for 8 items in my editing checklist.

Use the checklist contained within the module “How To Edit Your Book In A Flash” (part of the Complete Book Writing Training Series) before sending the book to beta readers and editors.

You probably won’t catch every error: but you’ll make their job easier.

The errors they do catch will be a blessing to you.