If I locked you in a hotel room for a week, could you write your book off the top of your head?

Would you have enough ideas, examples, stories, and other evidence to write the first draft?

Or would you scratch your head after a few hours and admit to yourself that you need to talk to other people and read other sources to finish your draft?

Maybe yes, if your book is based on your personal experiences and insights.

If you are a true thought leader, you might have all the information in your head.

Those ideas can flow from your brain to your fingers to the computer.

I want to relieve you of a terrible burden shared by many authors.

They think they need to know it all when they start writing their books.

Not true.

You can get additional information in many ways.

In fact, getting additional sources helps prove your points because readers will see other people support your ideas.

Good authors want to cite other sources and find out what they don’t know.

Having someone to guide your journey can get you there a lot faster as well.