I spoke at a conference hosted by a large computer parts distribution company.

To show how big the conference was and how much they wanted to impress their partners, the company hired Martina McBride to be the entertainment!

Building A Brand And Impressing Your
Vendors, Partners, Shareholders,
And Employees Is A Big Deal.

Hiring a universally known celebrity certainly helped the CEO let his stakeholders know they were working with a world-class company.

He also did one other important piece of branding: he gave away copies of a book he wrote about his success in business.

The book helped position him as an authority.

But Think Of It: How Many Executives
Are Well Known?

Not many.

That said, if you have your face on the cover of a book you’ve written, many people will remember you.

If you’re an author, you’re seen as a having a lot of credibility.

Imagine his pride as he stood at a table in his booth at the trade show fair and signed copies of his book!

Imagine the extra branding received when it was announced at lunch that he would be at the back of the room to sign books!

The announcement built his status and created excitement.

That’s the power of a book for a C-Suite executive.

Whether he wrote it or not, I don’t know.

I’m guessing he’s a pretty busy guy and doesn’t have time to outline his thoughts, write his ideas, expand on the stories, edit the deadwood, and tweak the words until they sing.

Chances are, he hired a ghostwriter to write the book.

Many Celebrities And Business Executives
Hire Ghostwriters To Write Their Books

Here’s why:

  1. They don’t have time. They are busy running a business. It takes a lot of time to write a book!
  2. They hate to write.
  3. They focus on stories that don’t help readers. Instead, they massage their egos.
  4. They can make more money doing their job than by writing a book. Every minute they spend writing a book is a minute they aren’t making deals. Time is money.
  5. They like to talk. Dictating a book is a great way to get started. The ghost writer can add value in organizing the content and cutting out deadwood.
  6. Ghostwriters know the trade craft to turn a business story into a dramatic story.
  7. Ghostwriters can outline the book to keep executives on track.
  8. Ghostwriters can interview executives to find great material.
  9. Ghostwriters can keep executives on track so your book actually gets done.
  10. Ghostwriters can introduce executives to companies than can produce the book (i.e. copy editors, illustrators, cover designers, printers, publishers, public relations and marketing companies, etc.)

If you are too busy or don’t feel comfortable writing, a ghostwriter could be the person you need to hire to write your book.

I’ve written six books for Wiley, so I know the value of a book!

Those books led to speaking engagements all over world – from Beijing to Budapest!

The books also helped me raise my fees – and justify my fees.

I’m looking to help 3 more C-suite executives write their books this year.

If you are interested – or know someone who is – click here and discover how I can help.

Publishing a book is a great way for any C-Suite executive to build their brand.