A reader asks:

“I want to start PR LEADS after I get some reviews on Amazon. How can I get reviews on Amazon?”

We rely on reviews for restaurants, movies and consumer products.

Books are no exception.

Book reviews provide the “social proof” that turns a browser on Amazon into a buyer.

Here are a few ideas to get reviews that are easy to implement:

  • Send emails to your followers offering them a free book in exchange for an honest review
  • Send the book to your followers with a cover letter asking for an honest review
  • Some people don’t know what to write. Offer to write a short review for them that they can edit and post under their name.

Please note the phrase “honest review.”

You want reviews that talk about the good things, for sure.

But you can also build credibility for your book when reviewers point out a few warts.

Readers aren’t stupid.

They know that most authors try to game the system with five-star reviews from their friends.

When they see a four-star review that has pluses and minuses, they think those reviews are more credible.

Whatever you do, DO NOT pay for a review.

There are scammers out there who are pushing that kind of service.

Not only is this stupid, dishonest, and unethical but Amazon hates this practice and they know exactly who those people are.

Amazon will do nasty things to you if you post their reviews.

I’ve also heard of software that captures the names of potential reviewers from Amazon.

I wouldn’t recommend any kind of software that does that.

What do you do to get your books reviewed?