Learning by Teaching

Learning by Teaching

I presented a workshop to my local chapter of the National Speakers Association last week. It went really well.

They always say the teacher learns more than the students.

Here’s what I learned:

Practical – There were errors on slides, like numbers not matching. I also realized some elements could be presented before others.

What worked – I asked if anyone had a paint-by-numbers kit as a kid. Most of them did. That surprised me. The concepts is much more universal than I would have thought. This is going to play big in the final rewrite of the book.

Extra benefits – Many people gave me wonderful testimonials. Several people volunteered to be beta readers. A few suggested topics what they wanted more of. One person wanted the seminar to be longer! That’s good news!

Unexpected bonuses: Several people posted my picture on Facebook with kind words about the seminar.

What do you learn when you do seminars?

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