A salesperson asked Jill Konrath how could he overcome his “crazy busy” life.

That question led Konrath, one of the most celebrated sales speakers, on a journey to find out how to tame her own “crazy busy” life.

Konrath presents the travelogue of that journey in her new book, More Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today’s Crazy-Busy Sellers.

This is more than just another time management book spun for salespeople.

With her delightful conversational writing style, Konrath takes you on a hero’s journey to show how she defeated time-wasting interruptions like notifications and alerts, ignored multi-tasking monsters, and tamed Pavlovian news alerts to transform herself into “Jill The Time Master,” the person who says “I create my life, rather than let life just happen to me.”

You’ve probably heard of many of the theories she describes such as time blocking, and the Pomodoro method.

If you haven’t read a time management book, this one will show you all the latest thinking.

If you have read some books or articles on time management, you probably haven’t read about them in such an entertaining style.

She gives numerous references for further reading, or viewing on TED Talks.

She also provides many free downloads from her website for all people so she can fulfill her mission to impact as many people as possible.

Of course, if it is new to you, then you’ll be richly rewarded by reading this book.

I had heard about “fake it until you make it” for years, but Jill described it better than I’ve ever heard – and offered a simple exercise to get you in the right frame of mind to make it happen.

That’s something I hadn’t heard before from any self-help guru.

Quite valuable.

I felt a chemical shift in my body when I did this exercise.

She also refers to dozens of apps to help people detox from their online demons.

It’s not just for sales people.

The tips will help anyone who is crazy busy.

Highly recommended.

Get your copy here.