What educational and training materials have you created?

As a thought leader or business executive, you have probably created a lot of material in the form of speeches, presentations, reports, interviews, and podcasts.

Select the best ideas from your existing material, as well as adding new information or writing new overviews for sections.

This book could take a few weeks to create.

As with the blog post book, this book type contains short thoughtful pieces, so you will be seen as a thought leader.

It also appeals to people who like to read in bite-sized chunks.

If you already have a training series for your customers, you can convert it into a book.

I wrote Reporters Are Looking for YOU! from a set of ninety tips I created to teach new clients who bought my publicity service, PR LEADS.

Here’s how I did it.

When a new client signs up for PR LEADS, chances are they don’t know a thing about publicity or how to work with a reporter.
I wanted to teach my clients these tips and tricks to help them get ahead.

But there’s a lot to learn, and while it isn’t difficult, most people can’t absorb a lot of material in one sitting.

I created a series of ninety tips.

My computer would automatically send one tip a day to each client.

Many clients told me they loved those tips.

I knew I had great content to share, so I turned those tips into a book.

If you have created content that can be reused, you can quickly and easily create a book that builds your credibility and helps your readers.

As you might imagine, it was pretty easy to accomplish, since I had already created the information.

I changed the formatting and double-checked the spelling.

To make the book more logical and easy to read, I rearranged the tips by topics such as “Writing,” “Editing,” “Interview Skills,” and “Marketing.”

I spent a week creating the book.

I hired an editor and cover designer to bring the book up to par.

After they finished in just a few days, I self-published the book on Amazon.

In the next installment, we’ll look at the Level 4 Book: Thought Leadership Lite or Big Business Card.