You’ve probably seen more of these than any other type of nonfiction business book.

These are the 160–250 page hardcover books you expect to see in a bookstore.

To create this book, you can use your previously written materials, in-depth research, and commentary.

Obviously, these books take more time to plan and write.

This traditional book is the most complex to produce.

It could take as little as three or four months, but six or seven months is more likely.

I do know someone who created this type of book in about two weeks, but he pretty much already had his content ready before he began assembling his manuscript – so think about the content you already have!

Listen to the interview and see how he did it – along with the one big thing he plans to do differently for his next book!

As you might imagine, this is the most credible book – not to take anything away from the other books.

However, this thought leadership book sets the gold standard.

Readers see it as a “real” book that sits alongside true bestsellers, like Good to Great and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, with thoughtful pieces and lots of case studies to prove their paradigm-shattering hypotheses.

What should be included in a Level 5 Thought Leadership Book?

Your thought leadership book must answer these questions:

  • What do people need to know?
  • What do people want to know?
  • What do you need to show them to build your brand or to get the business?

Remember, you are not writing the encyclopedia of this topic.

Your book must convince readers to take action or to position themselves properly to reach their objectives.

Anything that supports those goals, you keep.

Anything that detracts from those goals, you cut.

When you’ve proven your points, you’re done.

Do you think you’re ready for a Thought Leadership book?

Let’s find out.

Most of my book coaching, developmental editing, and ghostwriting clients come to me for Level 5 books.

This is what I do.

Let’s hop on a quick call and figure out how close you are – you may be closer than you think!