Recently, I showed you how to avoid a fatal book positioning mistake.

Sadly, many authors continue to miss the mark in other ways when it comes to book positioning.

Hardly a day goes by without a new author calling me on the phone, asking me if I will help promote his or her book.

I ask one simple question:

What is your book about?

You’d think they’d answer that question easily, but you’d be wrong.

Surprisingly, in most cases, for the next twenty minutes, authors tell me everything but what the book is about!

They talk about

  • how long they worked on the book
  • how many pages it has
  • how they tried to find a publisher
  • how a printer ripped them off

…but they cannot tell me what the book is about!

You need to be able to tell anyone about the book in a few seconds so they understand immediately.

In my seminars, I teach a formula I created and call “The Fool-Proof Positioning Statement.”

I’ve taught this formula for nearly 30 years in several countries and in several languages.

It always works!

This formula gets you focused fast, so you can tell anyone—even your grandmother—about your book in two sentences.

Two simple sentences comprise this formula.

Here’s the first:


For example:

Write Your Book in a Flash is a writing-skills book that helps business executives write books quickly.

You’ve probably seen variations of this exercise called an “elevator pitch” or a “positioning statement.”

Create your “Fool-Proof Positioning Statement” by following a few simple steps.

Over the next several posts, I will walk you through it.

Including the second sentence that goes into your Fool-Proof Positioning Statement.

But for now, take a first draft at filling in the formula above, just to get you started.

Don’t want to wait?

Claim your copy of my book, and go to Chapter 4.

Or you can REALLY cut to the chase and have us do this together.