Writing a book is easier than you think, especially if you tweet, blog, or speak.

You might have enough content on your computer to write your book and not realize it.

Over the next few installments, I will show you five different book formats.

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Let’s get started!

If you have 120 tweets or tips, you can compile a thin book – a Level 1 Book – that shows your brilliance.

This is the easiest book to produce because you’ve already written the material.

It needs only to be edited.

You will need to write overviews to introduce each group of thoughts.

You can also include sales pages, so people can learn about your services and contact you for more information.

If you don’t have 120 tweets or tips handy, you can create them easily.

Review your speeches, podcasts, or interview transcripts for great sound bytes.

Or you can find a good interviewer who can ask you questions – your answers will create the 120 tweets.

Putting this book together could take as little as eight hours, according to Think AHA company president Mitchell Levy.

See what I just did there, by the way?

Read my articles every week – you’ll gain so much!

“AHA Book” Sample Page. You can do this.

If you have powerful and insightful words and thoughts, this book can position you as a thought leader or as a trusted business partner – even though the book uses only a few words.

Remember, readers today like short books and want to skim.

If this sounds like your ideal reader, use this format.

In the next installment, we’ll look at the Level 2 Book: Blog Posts.