We’ve been peeling back the layers of the onion for your Fool-Proof Positioning Statement.

After revealing a fatal mistake to avoid, we delved into defining your book category, creating your audience avatar, and identifying the primary benefit your readers will gain.

Now it is your turn to create the first sentence of your Fool-Proof Positioning Statement!

Simply fill in the blank spots on this template.

[Title] is a [category] that helps [primary audience] achieve [primary benefit].

_____________________ is a ______________________

that helps __________________________________________

achieve ________________

NOTE: Don’t overthink this.

Pretend you are talking to your grandmother, who knows nothing about what you do.

What would you say to her when she asks you what your book is about?

Next step: the second sentence of your Fool-Proof Positioning Statement.

We’ll explore further in the next edition.

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